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: small business did not vote for president obama. david: it's been said the biggest enemy of the free market is not the socialists it is the corporations. they want the free market for everybody except them. you are right on point here. moveon.org. does anybody out there think that move on.org is a moderating influence in the national debate about taxes and such? i mean, what is he thinking? i guess what you are saying, either one of two things, either this is the way he's going to govern over the next four years or this is just a preliminary payoff to the base that supported him in the election. i know you think this is going to have major influence on the debate as to whether we're going to raise tax rates. you think that's what will happen. i'm praying and hoping that the president will be more moderate than the people that he has invited to this, but it's not a good beginning. stuart: no it's not. why should he be more moderate? david: should and hope are two different things. hoping that he will be. i'm hoping there will be some influence from whatever is left of the mainstream d
david petraeus. the obama administration is receiving backlash from a group of u.s. catholic bishops. >> 1 anne arundel county fourth graders took a bad situation and turned it into a great idea. she is working to create a nonprofit organization and for families who have lost their homes in a fire after her family faced the same fate. >> lauren and her family are now settled into a home, but a few months ago their house in hanover went up in flames from a grill firearm they lost nearly everything. >> we are not going to get to halt -- go home anytime soon and they were looking around and it was just heartbreaking. >> they immediately missed some other comfort items like a special blanket she had since she was four. she asked for a replacement and she got several extra which led to an idea. >> i thought maybe some of them would also want extra things that i wanted after a fire, like blankets, stuffed animals. >> with that, lauren's luggage was born. she started collecting items to fill them in, simple as a toothbrush, toothpaste, paper towels, a bank bridging blankets, stuffed animals
majority. >> the issue of religious liberty is a setting up a potential collision course between the obama administration and a group of u.s. catholic bishops. david collins joins us live from downtown where the group met this afternoon. david. >> the president of the conference call -- proclaims the catholic church will never comply with president obama's mandated birth to her -- health care birth control coverage. ♪ make me a channel of your ♪ >> there during attention to the partisan and heated rhetoric protesting our side. from the pulpit, giving catholics and up -- an ultimatum. the deliberate 25,000 signature petition calling on church leaders to reconsider the perceived alliance with the gop. >> having letters read out every mass, st. are sold are in a turn of jardine if you vote for a party or candidate that supports an intrinsic evil. >> a majority of catholics voted for barack obama. even as his administration forces religious institutions to provide health insurance plans to provide birth control coverage putting them on a potential collision course with the president. >> th
at gold to continue on its way as well. david: even though the next four years obama administration will have more quantitative easing or something like that. >speaker that is correct. both of these things are already priced in. market expectations and what is priced into the market. the market is telling you right now it wants to lower the gold market is telling you it wants to go lower. we know what is coming up, we know about the fiscal cliff coming on in the next six weeks, but they're telling you this would not that big of a deal but the technicals so let's take our stock and start going down and see where we can hold onto some support. the market and gold look to be going lower. david: can you find out what they're shouting about in the pits? >> they're selling off the future into the end of the close. they are not happy. this is a very meager attempt at a dead cat bounce. we should've ha should have hadr rally. she got the 1400 level, we were unable to do that. that is not a good sign for what is going to happen. we will get some very sharp rallies, but the trend now has turn
until december 31st to avoid that fiscal cliff. >>> less than a week after david petraeus resigned, president obama already has a replacement in mind. the "washington post" cites sources that said it could go to john brennan if he wants. it the post also reports that the president is considering john kerry to serve as the next defense secretary. kerry is said to covet the position of secretary of state but many insiders believe that post will go to current u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice. >>> new satellite images show north korea could be testing rocket engines and may be a sign that the communist regime continues developing long-range ballistic missiles. the analysis is from the u.s. korean institute at johns hopkins school of advance the international studies. attempts to have a freeze of the program collapsed when north korea launched a missile in april. >>> what about bomb-sniffing mice? one security company says the mice are great at fining the explosives because they have a heightened sense of smell and can easily fit into
, polster for president obama's campaign, and david, contributing editor of the daily beast, former push white house speech writer, author of the e book, why romney lost, you see it on the screen. it is doing well, highly recommended. there's a cabinet shakeup in the works as in every second term, beginning of every second term. hillary clinton is going someplace else, leon panetta moving on, treasury secretary, timothy geithner, i think 55 democrats, two independents, going with the democratic caucus. is that enough to make sure susan rice is nominated by the president, u.n. ambassador to be secretary of state, is that enough to make sure she's confirmed. >> i would be surprised if he nominated susan rice. although she probably would be confirmed, hearings would be a misery, a place where we would see again and again that she was the mouthpiece for a false story about what happened in benghazi. does the administration want to be held hostage to susan rice's overstatements of the case on tv multiple, multiple times. >> i don't know if you have inside information, everything i hear the pr
to unravel the real-life tragic comedy that is the david petraeus sex scandal. president obama takes on the role of salesman in chief. panelists steve kornacki, jonathan capehart, michael eric dyson and ashley parker weigh in. new york magazine's benjamin wallace wells explained why mitt romney america could be releg e relegated to death history. starts in a mere 180 seconds. [ ] raise the roof! ah? raise the roof! [ male announcer ] it's our biggest toy rollback of the year. find hundreds of rollbacks on the season's hottest toys in stores now, from america's gift headquarters, walmart. something this delicious could only come from nature. new nectresse. the 100% natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. new nectresse. sweetness naturally. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends december 7
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. you could almost say cia directors are not indispensable, they're disposable. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. >>> cbs news has learned president obama will likely nominate u.n. ambassador susan rice to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. rice may face a tough confirmation process, though. republicans have criticized her response to the september 11th assault in benghazi. rice said it was a spontaneous response to anti-american protests in cairo and not a coordinated attack. >>> congress returns today with an agenda dominated to avoid the so called fiscal cliff, the combination of tax expense increases and spending cuts. president obama meets with top ceos tomorrow to discuss the issue. on friday, mr. obama meets with congressional leaders. >>> new york governor andrew cuomo is asking the federal government for $30 billion in aid to help his state rebuild following hurricane sandy. two weeks after the storm, tens of thousands of customers remain without power in the hardest hit sections of new york and new jersey. some 55,000 of them on long island. cuomo says the lon
departure of general david petraeus from the cia tells us more about the state of our nation than a dozen petraeus. president barack obama should not have accepted his resignation. we seem to care more about the sex lives of our leaders down their real lives of our soldiers. i want to pick that apart one piece at a time. he suggests that his resignation says more about the nation about him? what do you mean? >> it worries me that we can throw away the leaders so casually. general petraeus is one of the more prominent generals of our time. the only general the american public has really been known since world war ii. a lot of generals tried and failed in iraq. petraeus succeeded. here we have a leader who has done well. something happened between him and another person, a private consenting adults, nothing illegal, and we throw him out. i do not think we can afford to do that. we did not use to do that. dwight eisenhower carried on with his chauffeur, a very good- looking red-haired british woman. he was not fired. ike, you gotta go home, you had an affair. that would be crazy. that is kin
this morning." breaking overnight, a stunning twist. another four-star general gets caught up in the david petraeus scandal. >>> president obama gets set to shuffle his cabinet. why some republicans aren't happy with who he wants to replace hillary clinton. >>> and a big day here in studio 57. we'll talk with oliver stone, mike huckabee the developer of insta instagram and golfer nick faldo. >> refers to the department of defense a matter involving general john allen. >> the pentagon is rocked as a top u.s. general is linked to the petraeus scandal. >> u.s. commander in afghanistan is under investigation for alleged inappropriate communications with jill kelley. >> the sex scandal began when kelley received harassing e-mails from petraeus' biographer and mistress paula broadwell. >> fbi agents were at paula broadwell's north carolina home last night for more than four hours. >> the fbi agent who launched the investigation has sent shirtless pictures of himself to jill kelley. >> you know remember when we said you couldn't have made this case up. >>> president obam
overnight, a stunning twist, another four-star general gets caught up in the david petraeus scandal. >> president obama gets set to shuffle his cabinet. why some republicans aren't happy with who he wants to replace hillary clinton. >>> and a big day here in studio 57. we'll talk with oliver stone, mike huckabee, the billionaire co-founder of instagram, and golfer nick faldo. >>> but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >>> the federal bureau of investigation referred to the department of defense the matter involving general john allen. >> the pentagon is rocked as a top u.s. general is linked to the petraeus scandal. >> the u.s. commander in afghanistan is under investigation for alleged inappropriate communications with jill kelley. >> the sex scandal began when kelley received harassing e-mails from petraeus's biographer and mistress paula broadwell. >> federal agents were at paula broadwell's north carolina home last night for more than four hours. >> the fbi agent who launched the investigation that led to petraeus resigning is hims
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" on msnbc. >>> labor unions came out in force for president obama and they are teaming up to spread the president's plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. the steel workers join me next. >>> the right wing freaks out over the resignation of david petraeus. we'll show you the latest conspiracy theories about the timing of the general's resignation. >>> and a pizza chain says president obama's health care law is going to cost his customers and his employees. sam stein man will break it down tonight. share your thoughts with us on facebook and twitter using #edshow. we're coming right back. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." president obama holds a strong hand as he positions himself this week on the fiscal cliff negotiations. his schedule may offer a good idea of his priorities. tomorrow the president will meet with labor leaders. wednesday on the schedule he meets with ceos and on friday the president will begin meetings with republicans. the president is plans to barn storm the country to go directly to the american people and this time around labor is prepared to launch an all-out effort
, and then come up with a credible plan to sell it over the next several months. >> susie: david, as you know, many c.e.o.s are going to be meeting with president obama tomorrow at the white house. what would you like to see come out of that meeting? >> the business community generally likes simpson bowls, and i think there was some disappointmt obama administration did not embrace it fully. i think what the business community would like to hear from president obama is sim bowls on testosterone. they want to hear the word "simpson bowls" because that provides a better blueprint than anything out there right now. >> susie: are you finding that all of this uncertainty about the fiscal cliff is affecting your business. >> our business is electricity demand growth, so right now it hasn't yet. but i think the longer they go, and i mean longer in terms of weeks and days, without showing signs of having a constructive solution, i think it will impact our business virtually more with every day in a very visible way. it is unusual for me to say that because our business tends to be a very long, long-t
.s. intelligence community, the u.s. military, and the obama administration. >> it all unraveled when david petraeus resigned as cia director last week, admitting he had an extramarital affair. the woman was later identified as his biographer, paula broadwell. the fbi investigated the affair after broadwell reportedly sent harassing e-mails to a tampa socialite, jill kelly. now, general allen is under investigation for his contacts with kelly. both he and kelly deny they ever had an affair. for more on all of this, that's really a hard web to even follow, let's bring in our intelligence correspondent, suzanne kelly. suzanne, the fbi searched paula broad broadwell's home. what do you know about that? >> agents spent about five hours conducting a search and took documents and computers from her house. now, we're told by a u.s. official that agents are looking further into what classified materials she has, but the official described this search as sort of tying up loose ends. an earlier search of broadwell's computer did turn up classified material. and according to that same official, broadw
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scandals, events and even acts of war that the obama administration worked to keep secret until after the election. on friday, three days after, we learn that david petraeus, the head of the cia, was stepping down because of an extramarital affair. first i want to say that david petraeus is one of a greatest genuine hero. he is the first general in generations to turn around a war america was losing to iraq and 2006 and 2007 and he helped divert defeat. and for general petraeus to do what he did when he was director of the central intelligence agency, it was triple problem inmatic and opened him up to blackmail. for people who say it's a private matter, you are simply wrong. you can't have the cia director of america involved in a fair. once the affair was revealed, there was not a question in petraeus's mind that he needed to resign. but the story doesn't simply end there. now the white house claims that the president first received information about the affair on thursday. but a source close to journallest ron kessler, who will join me in a few minutes, says that's highly unlikely,
are a cure for that rather than the disease. >> let me ask both of you if you think president obama is going to be able or committed to the changes that you think are important? he's already being pointed in different directions. here's a story by david ignatius, a very respected writer for "the washington post" saying, "mr. obama, take big risks, get it done. a successful second term is less about ideology than results." this column by william saletan on "slate" who says, "cheer up, republicans, you should be happy. you're going to have a moderate republican president for the next four years. his name is barack obama. he's in the same mold," says william saletan, "as dwight eisenhower, richard nixon and gerald ford and he stands where the gop used to stand and will be standing once again." now, if you can see the tensions there that people are reading into and out of obama. >> i have a quite different perspective from william saletan. i think that actually president obama in passing his health law really took a big gamble. because he really wanted to cole the proje thahe s as having been st
, the responsibility of the party is not to go after obama but to go after the policies that he's defining for the nation and make the counterargument. when we fail to do that, much to david's point, you do come off tin eared, you do come off deaf to exactly what people are thinking. it's not enough to say that the economy is bad. show us how you make it better, and when it starts to improve, and this is i think a critical point, we never acknowledged the good things that were happening in the economy for people who were once unemployed who were now employed. >> your party also went the demonization route. it's kind of funny to listen to newt gingrich on the "today" show do his mea culpa when he spent two years saying the only way you can understand obama is to see him as an anti-colonialist kenyan. now he's surprised that he's out of step with most of the country because he listened to -- >> but -- >> who is creating the firepower within your party, ex-chairman michael? >> i appreciate that, but i will give newt his due. he manned up and said i was wrong. >> he accidentally got this wrong
director david petraeus most definitely out. how will president obama prepare for his second term shuffle? lou dobbs is here with a few suggestions. >> i have no real suggestion. melissa: no? >> it is fun to watch. and might share if i may just a few observations as we're watching all of this unfold. you know, i happen to think that all of this unseemlyness, if i can put it that way, with general petraeus is probably going to slow things down. there was going to be, it looks like a jailbreak from the cabinet, right now it is looking, it is looking like things have been slowed down a bit. the national security team is going to be an utter disarray here for some time. because, then you bring in general john allen, who has been running obviously the war in afghanistan. we have now got a situation where the attorney general is going to be very busy and the attorney general has pertinent knowledge relationships and understanding of what has been going on in these investigations. so i don't think even though, it had been suggested he would be leaving i don't think he will be leaving soon. jack
't love david petraeus? >> greg: i'm saying if it was an republican administration. >> eric: it would be fantastic if president obama refused to take his resignation. >> dana: but if he were to accept it condition would be i'll accept if it you agree to voluntarily testify next week in front of congress because we want to get all the answers. >> juan: there is no inbition. >> kimberly: he has time on his hands now. can you manual, go back to afghanistan again? honey pass the remote. not good at that house now. >> eric: he could be subpoenaed. >> kimberly: he should be compelled to testify. as an honorable man -- >> juan: the difference in washington. there is not of he got his. >> kimberly: everyone is sad. >> juan: he was a good guy. >> kimberly: he has done a lot for the country. >> greg: but it was still held until after the election. >> kimberly: all right, greg. we'll get to that. who pushed the video. when we come back, should republicans cave, compromise or fight on issues of raising taxes and fiscal cliff? what is a smart strategy? we'll discuss it ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ fare thee
. >> well, it's inevitable, you can put money on it president obama will be asked at least a couple of questions about the david patreaus situation at tomorrow's news conference. but the thing is, there's a lot we still don't know about when the white house was notified, why the fbi didn't notify the white house earlier, what happened in this case, for example, now that's gone beyond patreaus and general allen ensnared in this, why the white house nominate him to take over the top military post at nato without knowing that he, too, had come under scrutiny? until the time line gets straightened out, until the questions are answered, there's one thing that's like red meat for a pack of junkyard dogs in the media, it's unanswered questions at this hour. >> junkyard dogs, we're not that pad. >> we are with the sex scandal. >> hopefully this won't last as long as the whole clinton/lewinsky affair we covered for quite some time. >> the women involved, it seems like nobody looks good in this scandal and people are having their private lives dragged into the public square. it's not like inf
of leadership in the military and jay carney is saying they are not going to go that far and president obama has great confidence in the military and his commanders. back to david petraeus, apparently the president does not have confidence in him because he accepted his resignation and when asked whether the administration expected that general petraeus would nonetheless testify before congress on what happened in benghazi, the murder of our ambassador and three others, and general petraeus was one of the the first we are told to go to congress and start talking about a video, which now we know was not the case, it wasn't about a video. he was going to go before congress this week and tefr about it. then suddenly his resignation comes. then suddenly the revelation of the affair comes and some have asked whether those two are connected and not a mere coincidence. jay carney saying there that the president has cough dense that the acting cia director, mike morel can do it. we do not believe then that the white house is going to push to have petraeus go before congress and talk about benghazi, but
briefed on this. i believe the only explanation was that obama gave the order to keep it quiet. host: here is "the baltimore sun." "a top aide was told that the cia chief, david petraeus, was having an affair." what do you think this says to this debate? guest: general mahler himself knew about it. it is not just a matter of who knew about it amongst his aides. i was told on the 10th that the justice department knew about it. so, the whole thing is really a absurd, the idea that this could go on and no one knows about it. it just happens that they take action after the election? it reminds me of watergate. i would hear them discuss things. in fact, woodward autograph his book to me, number one investigative reporter. but what was going on then was that the reporters that cover the white house, covered beats, they were defending nixon, defending the idea that the white house was not involved, deriding those on the metro staff. it took people from outside to bring on the facts. i see that note -- i see that going on now. there was a "the new york times" story that went on and on about how lo
the republican house majority leader may have known about former cia director david extramarital affair before the president did. he found out from an fbi employee concerned that national security may have been breached as a result of the affair. president barack obama didn't find out about the affair until after election day. they are upset that neither they nor the president were informed until late last week. the president should have been told about it and he said there was no breach of security as a result of the affair the congressman called the fbi is leadership to report the information he got on october the 31st but the fbi's probe had already been underway for months the journal says that the investigation began in may when email described a threatening woman that jill kellie a family friend of david's. by late summer the wall street journal reports that the bureau had led to broad well to try as, that's when the journal says top law- enforcement officials informed eric holder of the situation. once the white house when some staffer knows when sperry's people find out about somethin
-mails led the fbi to paula broadwell and the affair between broadwell and general david petraeus. unlike petraeus who has admitted infidelity and resign as director of the cia, allen got a vote of confidence today from president obama. >> he has faith in general allen. he believes he is doing and has done an excellent job. >> reporter: the petraeus scandal has washington stunned. some are angry that the afghan war costing so many u.s. lives and dollars was hardly mentioned until this. >> now we've become obsessed with the sex life of the cia director and then the commander. it seem out of balance. >> reporter: some question the fbi's involvement. >> harassment letters between two women or any two people, involving a love triangle or whatever it was, should not rise to this level. >> reporter: others wonder why the federal probe was kept from congress and the white house. >> the fbi which knew about all of this months ago apparently told nobody about it. >> reporter: parts of the allen/kelley/broadwell case, one person so obsessed he sent kelley shirtless photos of himself and was pulled
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